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Parent's Guide


Our School Rules

Be on time and be prepared.

Work hard and do your best.

Respect yourself and respect others.

Walk when moving.

Think first then tell the truth.

Take care of all property.


School begins for all pupils at 9.00am. School finishes for Infant classes at 1.40pm and for First and Second classes at 2.40pm. All absences from school should be explained by the parent/guardian in the form of a letter to the class teacher. The effect of any absences on a child's progress and behaviour is well documented. When your child is absent the school should be informed in writing as to why your child is absent. If you have any medical evidence to support your child's absence (doctor's cert, hospital letter) or otherwise (e.g passport stamp, airline ticket for child who has travelled overseas) please keep these in a safe place in your home (do not send them into school). Under the Education Welfare Act, which is now law, the school is legally bound to report to the Welfare Board any child who is absent from school for twenty days or more. Where there is no justifiable reason (medical documentation etc.) parents are liable to prosecution by the Welfare Board.


Children should arrive on time and line up with their class on the schoolyard, and be collected on time. If a pupil is late or needs to be collected early from school a note should be given to the class teacher and the Principal. When the school bell rings at 9 am parents move to the back of the line and teachers walk their class into the school building. Supervision is not provided on the yard for children dropped early.


As no provisions can be made for supervision and insurance of children outside of school hours children should not be brought to school early on
wet mornings, and should not enter the classroom before the appointed time. (9am)


Children should not bring party invitations, Christmas cards etc., to school. Birthday cakes and related items are not permitted at school. Parents are asked to distribute above items outside school grounds because within school some children will invariably be left out.


In order to reduce expenses to parents at the end of year, a simple word of thanks to any staff member who assists your child during the year suffices as acknowledgement. Gifts are not required.


A Parent/Guardian may communicate with teacher in the following ways:
• A note in child's bag, referring to the area of concern
• A letter to teacher (homework journal 1st /2nd)
• Personal contact
• Parent/Teacher meeting
• A Parent/Guardian contacts the Principal
• Parent/Guardian may contact the Board of Management in the form of a written submission

Formal Parent Teacher Meetings are held in the month of January/February.

Ongoing Communication

A weekly newsletter is sent out on most Thursdays to keep parents up to date with school activities. Parents are also invited to the school informally for a range of activities in which their child is involved e.g. Class Plays, Carol Service, and Sports Day etc. Annual Pupil Reports are issued to parents in early June. This allows adequate time to discuss any queries/concerns you may have re your child's progress. Standardised Testing (English and Maths) takes place for all children in 1st&2nd class towards the end of the school year. Results are communicated to parents, and assistance with interpreting these results can be accessed at www.ncca.ie. Pupils absence during the testing period causes significant disruption to the school.


• Children should come to school neat and clean with particular attention to fingernails and hair.
• Girls' hair should be tied up or tied back.
• Please inform class teacher immediately if your child has head lice or any other infectious conditions, e.g ringworm, impetigo, conjunctivitis.
• Parents are expected to be vigilant and thoroughly check their child's hair on a weekly basis.
• Good toilet habits and ability to use tissues is essential.
• Every child should bring their own hand towel (facecloth size) in their schoolbag and be familiar with using it.

Where a problem persists pupils should not return to school until it is cleared.


If your child has a specific medical condition or is on any medication inform the class teacher in writing. If parents are absent from home at any time during the school day arrangements must be made with another person to look after their child should they need to leave school unexpectedly due to illness, heating failure etc. If you have any information regarding your child that might be helpful to the school (e.g. Speech / language / hearing /sight / psychological /assessments / separation /bereavement) please provide copies or inform the principal as soon as possible.
The school has access to psychological support through N.E.P.S. (National Educational Psychological Services).



If a parent wishes for their child to receive medication during the school day they may call to the school (or appoint a designated person) to call and administer the required medicine in the course of the day. Teachers are not authorised to administer medicine except in life threatening situations and where that teacher has been sanctioned to do so by the Board of Management. If a child is on medication for any reason, the class teacher should be informed accordingly.


Easy open, plain zipped bag, no fancy fasteners, good size to fit A4 size sheet/workbook.
No trolley style bags please.
Check bag daily for letters etc. keep bag empty, no toys from home.
Return any items/toys to school that may be taken home accidentally.


Children should bring nutritious lunches to school and should not bring in: crisps or other snack packets, chewing gum, sweets or fizzy drinks.
Small set yoghurts are allowed in first and second class only. If a parent wishes to give his/her child a treat on a Friday please ensure your child's lunch does not contain more than one treat.

As part of our Greenschools Programme encouraging pupils to reduce re-use and recycle, we encourage parents to give lunch boxes and reusable
plastic bottles for drinks. No tetra pak cartons.


The uniform of St. Thomas' Junior National School consists of:

Girls - Blackwatch tartan tunic or skirt / navy cardigan or jumper / a light
blue blouse / navy tie / suitable flat shoes.

Boys - Navy jumper / a light blue shirt / navy tie /grey pants / black

P.E. - On days when the class are doing P.E. the children should wear the
school tracksuit, school polo shirt and runners.

Available from Bernard Owen's Menswear, Main St., Leixlip.


It is the policy of St. Thomas' Junior School to assign homework on a regular basis in 1st and 2nd class. The time taken will vary from child to
child but in most cases should take between 15 and 30 minutes.

Homework will be given informally to Junior and Senior Infants and should not exceed 15 minutes. Ensure that the work area is quiet and clear from clutter and distraction.

Parents should sign the homework journal (1st and 2nd class) to confirm that the work has been fully attempted. Reading and Oral language
homework should be signed when given to infant classes. Please encourage your child to read aloud. Homework is not given at weekends. Homework is generally revision of and follow-up to work your child has done in class. If your child has a difficulty with their homework please inform the class teacher.

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