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Newsletter 25/11/2021

Newsletter 25/11/2021

Newsletter 24/11/2021

Junior Infant Enrolment 2022: Enrolment for junior infants 2022 remains open until the end of January 2022. Please see our website for details -Admissions 2022 2023

2nd Class Reading Challenges. Our reading challenge continues for 2nd classes. Well done to all of the boys and girls who really made a great effort to increase their reading over the last few weeks. Winners will be announced on Friday.

Covid Cases: Unfortunately, we have had two class ‘outbreaks’ over the last week where 2 classes had such a surge of Covid positive cases that the classes were asked to isolate and self-refer for PCR testing. Thank you sincerely to our parents, especially from Mrs. Power’s and Ms. Lawlor’s classes who have been most co-operative in helping us to bring the surge under control as we best know how following HSE advice. It is frightening how fast Covid can spread in a class of 30 children. Up to 12 positive cases were reported in one of these classes.

Contact tracing is no longer carried out by the HSE for schools so we rely on our parents to inform us and to help us through this extremely challenging period. All information is treated confidentially, but knowing there is a case in a class makes us all more careful and aware. We continue to ask parents to NOT send their children to school if they are unwell in anyway as we will have to send them home. We urge parents to look at the updated wide and varied HPSC guidelines and this short video below so that you are aware of common and uncommon symptoms.

HPSC isolation quick guide



We send all our families, staff and pupils who are currently affected by Covid 19 the very best of wishes and hope that you recover soon to full health. You are all in our thoughts and prayers here in St. Thomas’ JNS during this difficult time.

St. Thomas’ Orchard: Today, the children from Mr Mulhall’s class took part in the “Orchards in the Community” programme with MOY Roof Watering System. They planted five fruit trees in our school garden. “Orchards in the Community” is part of the DCs for Bees initiative. Orchards play a key role in providing an early food source for our struggling bees as they emerge from winter. The plan has pledged that more than 1200 orchards to be planted across Ireland in the 2021-2022 planting season to help protect the bees and increase pollination. The first of its kind ever done in Ireland. Thank you to Glen (Dad of Charlie in Mr. Mulhall’s Class) and Liz who visited us this morning and were so kind and helpful.

Lost Property: There are a large number of items in the lost property box. If your child has lost a coat, scarf etc. you can tell them to check the lost property box at Maureen’s office to see if it is there. If unclaimed, all items will go to charity on Wedns. 22nd December.

Lorraine Murray

(Acting Principal)

21 2022
Mid-Term Break (21st th - 25th of Feb Inclusive)
17 2022
Public Holiday - St. Patrick's Day.
18 2022
School Holiday
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Easter Holidays school closes today at 12.00
09 2022
Easter Holidays
Here is a taste of some of the seasonal fun and festive activities in St Thomas JNS this Christmas. We hope enjoy seeing all the happy faces. We wish you and your family a very happy and peaceful Christmas and we look forward to more fun times in the

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