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29th of April 2021

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

I hope you are all keeping well and you are enjoying the nice sunny days we are getting!

Clothing collection

We are organising a clothes collection fundraiser from May 10th to May 14th. We would welcome all kinds of unneeded clothes (clean and wearable), shoes (in pairs), hats, scarves, bags, belts, bed linen, towels and curtains. You can drop bags of clothing at any time during school hours to reception during the week beginning May 10th. You may decide to do a spring clean of your wardrobes and we would be delighted to take any unwanted clothing off your hands. Please place the clothes you are donating into black plastic bags. There will also be a skip bag outside reception for bags to be placed in. All money raised will go towards buying resources for the pupils of St. Thomas’ JNS.


As part of our School Self Evaluation process we are looking at improving wellbeing in our school. Many thanks to you and your children for participating in our surveys. I also wish to thank all members of the school wellbeing team who are doing trojan work to make the school colourful and welcoming to all. Míle buíochas!

Bits and Bobs!

We are still collecting plastic bottle tops/lids/tins so if you have those at home and you have no need for them, your child can continue to bring these in. Many thanks to those who have brought in items already. If you have any of the below items and are not using them, we would be very grateful if you could put them aside and send them in to your child’s teacher so they can be used for school projects:

• plastic bottle tops, milk tops, drink container lids.

• metal pots and lids (no frying pans)

• metal colanders

• metal dish drying racks

• metal baking tins

• plant pots

• paint for wood or metal


I wish to express our appreciation to Owen O’Shea who kindly donated lots of paint to our school. We have received other anonymous donations of materials over the past while and we are very grateful for all the support.

Intercultural Week

The children have been learning all about different cultures and different countries this week. Some classes have focused on one country and others have been learning about lots of countries. Some of our 2nd class children have been doing projects on a country of their choice and lots of classes have Interest Tables set up with items from all over the world. We have been learning facts, listening to stories, singing songs and celebrating the variety of nationalities and cultures present in every class. We have flags on our doors or windows representing all the countries we are linked to and are amazed to see such diversity. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we are missing our amazing food night and the visits from some of our International parents, but hopefully we will have these next year. To finish off our week, this Friday the children can dress in traditional dress from any country or a jersey or county colours.

Mid Term Break

A reminder that our Mid Term Break is from Monday 3rd May to Friday 7th May inclusive as per our school calendar issued at the beginning of the year.

School Reopening Monday May 10th

We operate in accordance with the HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre guidelines for children older than 3 months and up to 13 years of age which is available here. It is important that you please read this document and make yourself familiar with each situation.

In line with this, before the return of children to school, parents/guardians are asked to complete a Return Facility Declaration Form after every absence. Your child’s class teacher will send this form to you. It is important that all parents/ guardians of pupils complete this online form before returning on Monday May 10th.

If your child has returned from another country abroad, before the child returns to school, please contact the HSE and the Dept of Foreign Affairs as to the duration of self-isolation (currently 14 days) and please contact your GP to arrange a COVID-19 test. See https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/b4020-travelling-to-ireland-during-the-covid-19-pandemic/ for up to date information.

We would remind all members of the school community of the dangers of spreading this virus through congregation of groups of people. At school we are doing our very best at having control measures in place to mitigate against the virus. We thank you for your co-operation and assistance in this regard.

School Uniform

At the end of the school year, if your child’s uniform is too small for your child to wear, we would be delighted if you could donate it to our school please. We are able to re-use them in situations where children have accidents in school, and or to help needy families in our school community.

Thank you

Our Non-Uniform Day on Friday 26th March raised €1,263 for Finding Charlie’s Voice. Finding Charlie’s Voice is a local initiative which aims to raise awareness in particular for Verbal Dyspraxia, but also for all speech and language communication needs. Finding Charlie’s Voice have kindly donated assistive communication boards to our school, which will help support our pupils’ communication through use of pictures and symbols. Many thanks to you all for supporting this worthy local cause.

Finding Charlie's Voice 1.jpg

Finding Charlie's Voice 2.jpg

Yours faithfully,

Teresa Moynihan

29 2021
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