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Dear Parents/Guardians

Trocaire Boxes: Please return Trocaire Boxes by tomorrow Friday 10th May.

Thank you to all parents who have already sent in their boxes.

Science Day – First Classes: This will take place on Monday the 13th of May and has been organised by one of our parents Erica Hendrick (Alex – R.15) through sponsorship of Merck. All our first class pupils will be suited up in white as young scientists and get a chance to conduct 4 simple science experiments in the hall on the day. Erica will be assisted by another parent Lydia Lynch (Layla – R.20), Professor and Lead Scientist at Trinity College Dublin.

Gaelic Coaching with David Moran: This continues with our Junior Infant classes for the next five weeks.

Children Moving: If there are any families moving during our summer break please inform the class teacher or school office as soon as possible, if you have not already done so, as we have waiting lists for all classes. Also please let us know if you have changed address recently as we will be sending home school reports and book lists in the coming weeks. School fees payable by 21st of June.

As this is a busy term with testing, tours, sports day and school reports please inform your child’s teacher in advance if your child is going to be absent for any particular day/week.

First Communion: For those pupils receiving the sacraments this service will take place on Saturday 25th of May in St. Patrick’s church, Esker. (2 ceremonies,@10am and 12 o’c).More detailed notes will be going out to our 2nd classes next week.

First Class Parents: We need assistance from you with helping out on the day for either of the two sessions. (9.30 – 12.00 and 12.00 – 2.30). If you can help out please give your name to Maureen at the school office or contact the PA directly. It will also give you a good insight into the ceremony for next year!

Building Project: We ask parents to keep the pressure on all our local representatives in the coming weeks to contact the Department of Education on our behalf, and ensure that our project is prioritised for progression through the detailed planning stage and can proceed to tender. We have had to endure significant delays over the last five years, and a modern building with removal of all temporary accommodation is no more than our pupils, staff and parents are entitled to . In advance of the local and European elections on May 24th you have an opportunity to raise our school project with all canvassers.

Thank you,

Michael Maher,


28 2019
Mid-Term Break
20 2019
Christmas Holidays begin today at 12.00
21 2019
Christmas Holidays
17 2020
Mid-Term Break
16 2020
School Closure
A.G.M will take place on Wednesday 18th of September at 8.00 p.m in the Senior Hall.
The rainbows peer support group will be commencing in term 2. Please read the article below to get information about who to contact and the parents information night. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE TAKEN UNTIL MONDAY 16th.

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