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18th of June 2021

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

I hope you are all safe and well and that you are getting to enjoy the nice weather we are experiencing.

Active Week

We are currently holding Active Week in our school this week. The children are having lots of fun playing lots of games each day. It has been a wonderful week of fun, laughter and enjoyment. Tomorrow, an ice cream van will be arriving at our school, so all our children will get a treat!

Change of details

If you have changed your email or phone number or address recently, please let Maureen, our secretary know on 01 6282691 so we can update our school records. If you are moving school over the holiday period please inform us in writing to info@stthomasjns.com as we have waiting lists for most classes.

School Reports

We hope everybody received their booklists, reports and name of their incoming teacher/s last Friday. If you did not receive your child’s report please email the school directly on info@stthomasjns.com.

School Books

Books can be purchased via www.schoolbooks.ie or through the Maynooth Bookshop (www.schoolbooksmaynooth.com ) or at www.cormicans.com so please shop around for the best value.

First Holy Communion

The sacrament of First Holy Communion for the class of 2020 and 2021 is to be celebrated over the summer months – July and September 2021 respectively. Further information can be found on St. Patrick’s Parish website here. A letter has issued to both class cohorts today with booking details.

School Fees

If you have any outstanding school equipment fees to pay from this academic year 2020/2021, please contact your child’s class teacher to ensure the payment is made as soon as possible. If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact the office on 01 6282691 or at info@stthomasjns.com.

Thank you

428 Euro was raised form the clothing collection. Many thanks to all of you who donated clothing items to support our school. All money raised will go towards buying resources for our pupils. Many thanks for your support.

School Uniforms

Bernard Owens (our school uniform suppliers) have appealed to parents to purchase uniforms via their website www.bernardowens.ie. With the current HSE guidelines in place this is the safest and most efficient way to do so. If you have any queries regarding size please contact the shop via info@bernardowens.ie or call 01 6244488. If your child has grown out of his/her school uniform, we would be delighted to accept clean spare uniforms which will be made available for needy families in the school. Please drop them into the office at any time.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Teresa Moynihan

25 2021
Mid-Term Break (25th - 29th of Oct Inclusive)
22 2021
Christmas Holidays begin today at 12.00
23 2021
Christmas Holidays
21 2022
Mid-Term Break (21st th - 25th of Feb Inclusive)
17 2022
Public Holiday - St. Patrick's Day.

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