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16th of March 2021

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

School Inspection

Last Wednesday, the 10th March, with one day’s notice (!), we had a Department of Education inspection entitled- ‘Supporting the Safe Provision of Schooling 2021‘.The inspector checked all relevant Covid Response Planning paperwork, Child Protection documentation, interviewed staff on aspects of our Covid planning and Child Protection, and visited 15 classrooms including the isolation room, staff room and other areas of the school to ensure that the school is a safe place for all during the pandemic.

I’m delighted to say that, the inspector found St Thomas’ JNS school to be ‘Fully Compliant’ in the implementation of public health advice and child protection to provide safe learning and working environment for all while dealing with Covid-19. This is the best result possible. She reassured us that we are doing everything we can to ensure the pupils and staff are safe and have all the control measures possible in place to mitigate against the virus. It was noted that the school was an exemplar of good practice and I was asked to pass on the thanks of the Inspectorate to our whole school community for all our sustained efforts.

The full report will be available shortly on our website once we receive it. It will also be available publically on the Department of Education website. We have worked very hard and we are delighted with the recognition that we have fully implemented the extensive guidelines which were provided to enable our pupils and staff return safely to school. Tribute needs to be paid to all of our parents, our BOM, our PA, our staff and all members of our school community for adhering to our Covid protocols in school. This result is something to be celebrated as a whole school community achievement. Working together we are doing our best to keep our school open, our children in school and our staff and pupils safe. We are committed to continuing to work hard to keep our school a safe environment for every member of our community and we thank you for your work in our collective endeavour.

St. Patrick’s Dress Up (Friday 19th March)

On Friday the 19th of March, children can wear St. Patrick’s Day dress up clothes, county colours or clothes of their choice (if they wish to do so).

Non-Uniform Day (Friday 26th March)

We will be celebrating Intercultural week from Monday 21st to Friday 26th March. On Friday 26th March, we will have a non-uniform day where the children can dress up in traditional costumes, county colours or their own clothes. For this non-uniform day, we will collect €3 per child /€5 per family for donation to Finding Charlie’s Voice. Finding Charlie’s Voice is a local initiative which aims to raise awareness in particular for Verbal Dyspraxia, but also for all speech and language communication needs. Finding Charlie’s Voice are kindly donating assistive communication boards to our school, which will help support our pupils’ communication through use of pictures and symbols.

Easter Holidays

Easter Holidays will commence on Friday March 26th March for two weeks. There will be staggered closure times, as follows.


  • Senior Infant classes will exit via the yard
  • 2ndClasses will exit via the Senior Hall doors at front of school

12 noon:

  • Junior Infant classes will exit via the yard.
  • 1stClasses will exit via the Senior Hall doors at front of school

Where a sibling is being collected at the same time, but at different locations, the eldest child can wait with their teacher while the youngest sibling is collected first. Please be mindful of Covid-19 restrictions and public health social distancing guidelines. Thank you for your co-operation in this regard.

The school will reopen on Monday April 11th.

Online Kids Yoga Easter Camp


You can register your child now for a 4 day Easter Yoga Camp that will take place online from Monday the 29th of March to Thursday the 1st of April. The camp will be live on Microsoft Teams with Ms. Doherty and Ms. Barnes, as follows:

- Junior and Senior Infants 10am to 12pm.

- First and Second Classes 1pm to 3pm.

Your child will participate in the following:

  • Yoga poses through story
  • Yoga games
  • Therapeutic storytelling
  • Breathing exercises
  • Art and journaling
  • Mindfulness and relaxation
  • Affirmations and vision boards
  • Daily fun activities

A daily activity pack will be given out to each child before the Easter holidays.

The yoga camp will give children an opportunity to explore body and mind through fun positive and relaxing activities. They will benefit from learning life skills, which would help them to cope with stressful situations and build self-esteem. While parental supervision is essential, it is a fantastic opportunity for children to be engaged through the day while parents are working from home.

  • Price: €60 per child, including daily activity pack (if cost is an issue please contact Ms. Doherty).
  • Spaces are limited so please email to register interest as soon as possible.

To secure a place please email Ms.Doherty at smilingsoulkidsyoga@gmail.com before Sunday the 21st of March. Places allocated on a first come, first served basis.

This online after school activity is not a St. Thomas JNS’ activity and St. Thomas’ JNS holds no responsibility and bears no liability arising out of the running of the activity.

Health and Safety in the school yard

As has been school practice for years, please remember that no bikes or dogs are allowed on the school yard. The presence of bikes and dogs are a health and safety risk to the children exiting the school building at home time. Scooters can be carried in to and out of the yard. There is bike parking stand at the front of the school which you are welcome to use. Many thanks for your co-operation to ensure the yard is a safe space for all members of the school community at home time.

Wishing you a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day.

Yours faithfully,

Teresa Moynihan

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Summer Holidays start today at 12.00pm
We wished Asta the very best as she embarks on the next chapter of her life.
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