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Parents Newsletter – Friday 29th of May 2020

Dear parents/guardians,

Hope you are all safe and well. Next week we want parents (one parent per child) of First Class pupils to call down to the school between 10am and 2pm on Tuesday 2nd or Wed 3rd of June for collection of an individual bundle (containing your child’s books, copies, etc ) . These will assist you with distance learning for the rest of the school year. We would also ask you to return any school readers and rental books when you call down, along with any support materials from your SET/EAL teacher, if your child was receiving support this year. These can be left on the table in your child’s classroom. In order to ensure social distancing please follow the one way markings and signage as directed on arrival.

Thanks to Fr. John and the school staff for preparing a beautiful Mass for all our Communicants, last Sunday the 24th of May. There were over 900 views already and any parent who missed it can still catch it on You Tube. We also hope to bring our Second Classes down after 8th of June (Phase 2) in small groups to visit their classroom, collect a token of appreciation from the school and say goodbye to their teacher. This will be done safely and with full social distancing.

Booklists with the name of the incoming teacher and School will go out via email at the end of this week (Friday 12th of June). Given that our pupils have missed all of term three we will be reducing our school fees for next year by a third, and recompensing our Second Classes (envelope with refund will be given to you when you call in June, with your child, for a final visit to St. Thomas’ ). Books can be purchased via schoolbooks.ie or through the Maynooth Bookshop (schoolbooksmaynooth.com) or at cormicans.com so please shop around for the best value.

Our annual Pupil Reports will go out in the same format (email) along with the booklists. This year’s annual attendance will reflect the shorter year, and as standardised tests cannot take place this term, it won’t include that data. Reports will be based on assessment of work already done .

School uniforms will also be available from our supplier after the 8th of June and if you have any queries re same you can contact dave@bernardowens.ie 0876217269. They also hope to have online ordering up and running by then too.

For parents of incoming Junior Infants our video presentation is now available on the school website with all the practical information you need,(parents’ guide and class lists) and a video welcome from your child’s teacher. We will bring our classes in for familiarisation on the week beginning August 24th, when restrictions ease.

Trocaire boxes -Trocaire boxes will be collected from the school. If you have a Trocaire box at home please drop it into the school reception or if you would like to make an online donation click here

Have a lovely weekend everyone, stay home and make the most of the good weather!

Thanks for your ongoing co-operation,

Michael Maher.

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