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Newsletter Thursday 15/9/2021

Newsletter Thursday 15/9/2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Walk to School Week: Walk to School Week runs from September 19th to September 23rd and is a five-day celebration of walking, encouraging as many students as possible to get active and walk to school instead of driving. Walking to school is one of the best ways to start the day with multiple benefits to children’s physical and mental health. It also has a positive impact on academic performance and behaviour with higher levels of concentration and focus.

We will recommence our Walk On Wednesdays campaign with our first W.O.W day next Wednesday 21st September. PARK N STRIDE this allows families who live further away from our school to participate in the launch. Simply park at the Lord Lucan car park. Assemble from 8.15am onwards. Members of our Green Schools team and Parents Association etc will lead the walk to school. We will be leaving the carpark at about 8.15am-8.20am.

Car parking in the School Car Park and on the Church Grounds: Any vehicle that does not have a permit who park in the School Car Park or on the Church Grounds at school drop-off times (8.30 - 9.15am) and pick-up times (1.15 - 3.00pm) will be clamped by APCOA. The fine to have the clamp removed is €120. Please note that the school will not be in a position to negotiate on your behalf with APCOA for a waiver on clamping release fees. Click here for more information on parking permits.

Morning Club: Two teachers are exploring the possibility of starting a morning club where children can be dropped off to the school from 8am. They will be fully supervised for the hour until school starts. It will be open to all students from Junior Infants to Second class. To register your interest and for details of costs please email morningclubesker@gmail.com The club will be subject to demand.

Please be aware that this morning club is not organised by St. Thomas’ JNS and so St. Thomas’ JNS holds no responsibility and bears no liability arising out of the running of club.

Wet Mornings Please bring your child to the front side doors when it is raining in the morning. Pupils in rooms 1 to 8 will enter via the junior hall front side doors and rooms 9 to 20 will enter via the senior hall doors. These doors will be open at 8.45am and teachers will receive the children in their classrooms. We ask that everyone would wipe their feet on the mat as they enter so as to prevent any falls. Pupils in rooms 9 to 12 (prefabs) will enter via the senior hall door on the right facing the school.

Health and Safety: If your child is bringing a scooter or a bicycle to school please park them at the bike racks. Children should not be in the bottom yard in the morning unsupervised. Secondly, please stand back behind the cones each morning and allow a safe distance between you and the class line to ensure the safe travel of pupils to class in the mornings with their teacher. I kindly ask that parents/guardians do not cross and interrupt a class line when they are entering the school/ prefab. This is for child safeguarding and the health and safety of pupils and all members of our school community.

Pupil Insurance: Information leaflets and application forms to join this excellent and affordable scheme went out this week. It provides 24-hour cover for pupils for 365 days of the year. The closing date for payment and return of document is this Friday the 16th September.

Junior Infant photographs: Tuesday September 27th. The children will wear their full school uniform on the day. If you require a photo with a sibling who is a pupil in St. Thomas’, please inform your child’s class teacher via email in advance. One parent/guardian may attend on the day to ensure the children are well presented for their photos as the teachers and photographers cannot tidy hair etc. due to child protection.

The timetable is as follows (estimated times):

Room 1: Ms. Lawlor 9.15 – 10am

Room 2: Ms. Barnes 10am – 10:45am

Room 3: Mr. Meehan 10:45am- 11.30am

Room 4: Ms. Campbell 11.30am- 12.15pm

Room 5: Ms. Brazil 12.15pm- 1pm

Church notices: St. Patrick’s Church Music Ministry.

Youth choirs return from Tuesday 12th Sept

J.A.M. Youth Choir (1st to 6th Class) Tuesdays at 6.30p.m. to 7.00p.m. Cost: Free (we do have a once off registration payment €10.00 per year) J.A.M. choir is a wonderful way for First Holy Communion candidates to participate in the church community during preparation for first holy communion. The choir not only provides music for the liturgy but also an education role to its members. All members will receive classes in basic music theory; learn Tin Whistle along with group singing and performance. The choir will sing on the first and 3rd Sunday of each month at the 10.30a.m. Family mass.

Wigglin’ Worship Parent and Child (Children in pre-school, Junior and senior infants) Tuesdays at 6.00p.m. to 6.30p.m. Cost: €4.00 per class

Parent & child classes expose your child to a variety of musical experiences while you connect with other parents. Classes cover singing, percussion, theory basics and musical playtime. The choir will sing on the 2nd Sunday of each month at the 10.30a.m. Family mass.

Yours sincerely,

Teresa Moynihan


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