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Newsletter 23/6/2022

Newsletter 23/6/2022

Final Newsletter 22/06/2022

Sport’s Day: Our trial 2 day Sport’s week went off without a hitch. It was great that the pupils were afforded extra interactive time. Thank you again to all our helpers and especially to our support teachers who designed and facilitated the stations. Great fun was had by all.

Summer Holidays: The summer holidays begin on June 29th @ 11:50 am for infants and 12pm for 1st/2nd classes. Next year’s calendar is available to view on www.stthomasjns.com if you wish to plan ahead.

Is your child moving to another school during the summer months? If so please contact the school as soon as possible so that we can offer the place to a child on our waitlist.

Retirement Celebrations for Denis/wellbeing flag raising. The pupils in St. Thomas’ presented Denis with a caricature, a beautiful dahlia and a set of keys with a card written from each class in the school. The PA represented by Liz Whelan also made a lovely presentation to Denis. Denis was very grateful and moved with all the retirement gifts and well wishes.

This was followed up by the raising of our Amber flag which we have worked so hard for and a congratulatory visit from the ice-cream men. A really fun filled day was had by all.

Goodbyes- As well as saying goodbye to Denis, We would like to wish Mr. Mulhall all the best as he ventures to pastures new next year and Ms. Duffy who is leaving to pursue further study in play therapy. We extend our thanks to both teachers who will be greatly missed in St. Thomas’.

Welcomes and welcome backs: We would like to welcome Philip Doyle our new caretaker to St. Thomas’. He is already settling in very well under the superb guidance of Denis. There is a lot to learn but Philip is doing brilliantly. We would also like to Welcome back our principal Ms. Moynihan who will be back in situ at the end of the month.

Well done to Ms. Weafer and Ms. Duffy who guided some of second class pupils in creating this wonderful piece of art work based on the theme of Lucan Weir. You will see it displayed close to the boiler house. Thank you to our parents for sending in all those bottle caps too.

Uniform Exchange: If required, pupils may wear non-uniform next week to facilitate the PA uniform exchange.

Thank You- I would also like to personally take this opportunity to thank the staff, pupils, parents, Board of Management and Parents’ Association for all your support this year. You have been amazing and there has been a real community spirit felt by all. I could not have asked for a better crew to have with me as we ventured unchartered waters at times and came out the other end of the year smiling, happy and back to a bit more normality. We look forward to 2022/2023 with renewed optimism.

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend and Summer as this will be the last newsletter this year.

Ms. Lorraine Murray,

Acting Principal

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